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USLHE Filtering Sand Storage Container


Lighthouse Establishment filtering sand storage container. Two tags located here with the words "FILTERING SAND" stamped into it and "US Lighthouse Establishment" mark this storage container. This can was probably purchased from an outside vendor and then marked after the lighthouse service purchased it.

The filtering sand storage container was used to store fine grain sand in. These containers were designed to keep the filtering sand in a clean dry place ready for use. We are looking into the use of the filtering sand right now and will post more when we learn the exact uses it had. These containers were made out of galvanized medal and then had the lighthouse plates soldered onto them to indicate they were for lighthouse use.

As with all objects in the lighthouse service, it was marked with a US Lighthouse Establishment plate that was soldered onto the piece indicating it was probably purchased from an outside vendor. These containers were one of the few items that the lighthouse service purchased from outside vendors as they made most everything they needed.

A close up of the soldered on plates.

Another view

A better photo showing the top of the can.


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